Atlanta Black And White Photography Show

Black and White Aerial Picture of the Skyscraper at 191 Peachtree Street in Atlanta

Hello all! I’m participating in another show as part of the Atlanta Castleberry Hill art stroll this Friday night.  Unfortunately I will not be there myself as I will be with my folks over the weekend, but I helped with the set up for the show last night and there’s some truly great work in the show.   I don’t envision photos in B&W easily, but I love the results.  I struggled coming up with an entry, but submitted this: There are over 30 artists participating with a total of around … Continue reading

Awards and Fun, Oh My!

Picture of an old rust red tractor in a field in Autumn in Middle Georgia's rural Macon County

This weekend was the 13th annual Beaver Creek Festival in Montezuma, Georgia. I decided this year to both get a booth as well as enter some photography in the art show held in conjunction with it. The photos in the event had to be of local scenes, which was not a problem for me. The good news is that BOTH of my entries placed in the show! That’s a real honor in a home town show. Best In Show and Third Place – Advanced Beginner Category We also had a … Continue reading

A Golden Moment on the Chattahoochee

Beautiful Golden Light in a picture of boats on the water on the Chattahoochee near Roswell Georgia

Though the distance between us grows, we’re never really apart, that’s what this photo means to me when I look at it. Aside from the obviously beautiful golden color, what speaks to me most is the line in the water connecting the two silhouetted figures. The boat wake is a story line that connects the two in an unspoken tale. As observers, we have to make up the story in this art print on our own. This picture was taken on the Chattahoochee River front in Roswell, Georgia at sunrise. … Continue reading

Upcoming Show – Montezuma Georgia

Picture of an old rust red tractor in a field in Autumn in Middle Georgia's rural Macon County

I’ve entered two pieces in the Macon County Historical Society Art and Photography show this year. The show is listed as taking place Thursday October 25th from 4pm to 6pm. All entries will also be on display that following Saturday, October 27th, at the museum in the historic Montezuma Depot, as part of the annual Beaver Creek Festival. All entries in the photo competition are of local scenes. Since it’s been little advertised, one would suspect that most entries will be by local artists. I am also going to have … Continue reading

Above The Rest – Atlanta Skyscraper Print

Picture of the 191 Peachtree Tower in Atlanta, Georgia

Pictured here is one of the office tower’s in downtown Atlanta. I love the architecture of this building. I’ve read it described as post-modern architecture in style. To my eye, it’s reminiscent of art deco or at least inspired by that architectural style, even if it was built in the early 1990’s. It reminded me a lot of the looming buildings seen in early 20th century cartoons. How about you, can you see the influence in either the architecture or perhaps my unconscious framing of the subject? The angle in … Continue reading

Show Tonight & Saturday Afternoon!

We did set up tonight for our show that photo show that runs Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Afterwards grabbing dinner, and then the drive back out to the burbs… groan… So, I get to make my planned Thursday post for the show on Friday! This is local for you folks in the Atlanta area. In addition to a print hanging alongside some incredilbe photography, I’m also taking in a stack of prints that will be in the print bins at the sales table. I’m told their will also be … Continue reading