Scenes from Rome

Stormy Skies Over A Roman Piazza artwork by Mark Tisdale

As I’ve continued my trek through the photo archives (bless the down time), I’ve posted some more pictures from Rome.  If you want to see them all, check out my Italy Photo Prints. Some Highlights: Before I went to Rome, it seemed like I had seen a dozen documentaries on ancient Rome that included information on the Pantheon, the ancient temple to all the Roman gods (pictured above).  This is actually the second Pantheon, built in AD 126.  It’s amazing to stand before a building built nearly 2 millennia ago, … Continue reading

Gone – Historic Hunter England Cabin – North Georgia Art Print

Photo of a small house - the oldest in Union County in North Georgia

Another recent print posted from the archives.  This is one of my favorites from North Georgia.  I wish I even knew exactly where it was.  I had spent a day wandering North Georgia.  I know for sure I had had visited Brasstown Bald and had snaked across some of North Georgia and driven through Blairsville.  Somewhere as the last bit of light peaked over the hills, I saw this on the side of some winding road and had to pull over. Whatever lonesome highway it was, I loved this little … Continue reading

Just Surf – California Surfing

Surfing a Wave Near Santa Cruz Art Print

I took this California Surfer photo near Santa Cruz on my first visit there. I had a long weekend in California thanks to a Monday business meeting and used the opportunity to spend a weekend checking out California and mainly wandering the Pacific coast on State Highway 1.  It was my first time seeing the Pacific Ocean and my first time seeing anyone surf other than on TV.  I have to say while surfing had never grabbed my attention on TV, I literally spent a couple of hours sitting on … Continue reading