Coming Home – Montezuma, Georgia

Photo Book Cover - Coming Home, Montezuma, Georgia

I’m really pleased to announce a new book featuring my photography! I think this description (which is part of the introduction), explains it best: This collection of photos has grown over the past few years as my interest in photography grew. Originally, it was just an opportunity to exercise the camera but being home again after a decade in metro Atlanta, my walks around town told a story of loss and change. Old homes that had become derelict were removed and I began to recollect in my own life how … Continue reading

Photos from Galway and around – Part 2

Photo of a cottage on the Aran Islands - Inishmore

Continued from Part One My next stop was the isle of Inis Mór – check out the cute cottage pictured!  It’s a sparsely populated island with few visitors in the winter.  When the weather was clear, it was incredible to roam.  When the rain came, the wind blew through you, and it was a great place to stay indoors! Aside from an island populated with native Irish speakers, one of the big draws to Inis Mór is three mysterious Iron Age forts. The two I visited are situated right on … Continue reading

Photos from Galway & Around – Part 1

Picture of a beach in winter in Ireland - Likely Fanore

Ah, at last I can say I have been through all my photos from around Galway, Ireland.  I haven’t added up the days, but if I didn’t spend most of my time here, it was a close tie to the time I spent in Dublin.  I’m not sure if the photos capture the vibe in Galway, but it was somewhere I’d gladly go again.  In fact, I’d be surprised if I don’t make it back one day. My first foray into Galway was aboard the Shamrocker tour bus.  It was … Continue reading

Trinity College Prints

Dusk Photo of the chapel at Dublin's Trinity College

One of the first places I found myself on a fairly random stroll around Dublin on day one of my trip was Trinity College.  The college was established in the late 16th century but the bulk of the architecture of the current campus is  a good deal newer  but very inspiring nonetheless.  I never burrowed deep into the campus but enjoyed the main square and, of course, checked out the Book of Kells in the library. The stately building pictured was built in the late 18th century and houses the … Continue reading

O’Connell Street Scenes

Photo of the Post Office on O'Connell Street in Dublin Ireland

I mentioned in a previous post that the star of North Dublin had dimmed somewhat, but the city leaders have also pumped money into revitalizing one of Dublin’s grand avenues.  O’Connell Street has the distinction of being one of the widest avenues in Europe.  At it’s widest point, it measures some 160 feet (49 m) across!  Historically known as Sackville Street, it was renamed in 1924 in honor of Daniel O’Connell, an Irish Nationalist leader. The last of the grand Georgian buildings built in Dublin was this mammoth post office … Continue reading

Dublin River Liffey

Picture Panorama of the River Liffey in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin’s very foundations lie many centuries ago along the River Liffey.  Though the Vikings wouldn’t recognize Dublin today, the city still straddles the Liffey.  For many years the fashionable addresses in Dublin lay north of the Liffey.  For many years the scene had moved south, but the city has been putting money towards reviving the falling star of Dublin’s north side.  A lot of insight into things in Dublin can still be gleaned from a joke I heard in Dublin, “What do you call someone from North Dublin in court?” … Continue reading