Prints Changes

New Prints Page

I only seem to be blogging changes to my site as of late, and for that I apologize. Hopefully with this last piece of the puzzle now in place, I can get back to working more on the art side of things.  You can go ahead and put air quotes around last now, as sooner or later, I will find something else to redecorate here. Ah, and I’m getting ahead of myself, you’re still wondering what the change may be.  Long time watchers probably know that I have been fulfilling … Continue reading

Five Nights in Paris – Part Two

Panorama Photo of Paris' famous Notre Dame Cathedral

Continuing from my previous post of featured photos in Paris, after an early morning at Sacre Coeur, I made my way to Notre Dame de Paris. Although as you can see there were a lot of long shadows, there was equally awesome light for my visit to Notre dame.  The cathedral is a genuine medieval relic and is a UNESCO world heritage site!  And I’m just a sucker for large old cathedrals.  There’s something special about these buildings, much like the ancient stone circles. They are community projects from a … Continue reading

Five nights in Paris – Part One

Photo of Paris' famous cathedral, Notre Dame, at night

It’s precious little surprise to anyone who reads my blog that Paris was not the highlight of my month across the pond last winter.  However, I have to give Paris its due, it was an incredibly photogenic city.  I don’t think it’s any secret that when taking photos, every picture is not a keeper. In Paris, however, I was amazed at the ratio of keeps to drops when I was making the first round of edits.  To be honest, even some of the drops are perfectly respectable photos, they were … Continue reading

Creating Photo Art

Photo Crop from the larger image

Although “plain” photography is my first love, I have also been branching out into photo art the past year or so. I am forever amazed at what a difference layering on different textures can make between a photo’s start and end. This is my most recent piece of photo art. Quite honestly, the beginning photo was really just intended to be a personal photo. It was my first night in Paris, and by the time I got settled in to explore it was well past dusk and into inky night. … Continue reading