Notre Dame de Paris By Night

Photo of Paris' famous cathedral, Notre Dame, at night

I guess in a way my posts for Notre Dame de Paris are out of order, as I’ve presented the pictures of it from the daytime first in these previous posts. Notre Dame Paris Prints Gargoyles of Notre Dame The thing is, I first saw Notre Dame Cathedral in the dark.  My flight out of Dublin was delayed by fog and by the time I managed to navigate the train, the metro, and the streets of Montmartre and settle into my home for the following five nights, it was dark. … Continue reading

Gargoyles of Notre Dame

Parisian skyline featuring a close-up of one of Notre Dame's famous Gargoyles

One of the more memorable moments of my time in Paris was climbing to the top of Notre Dame de Paris.  It’s the latest in a chain of cathedrals and churches that I’ve ascended, but truly any publicly accessible tower is fair game. Clearly, none of these old cathedrals had any idea that a few hundred years later, people would fancy climbing their bell towers.  The paths to the top have been, without fail, steep and tight.  Notre Dame de Paris did not fail to live up to those expectations. … Continue reading

Notre Dame Cathedral Prints

Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral photo - Front View

I’ve been diligently working on getting my Paris prints gallery in order.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, despite the fact I wasn’t enthusiastic about Paris, the pictures from the trip have shown me one thing, this is an incredibly photogenic city.  Going through the photos after the fact, I don’t think I recall ever going somewhere with such a high number of photographs I considered keepers. Notre Dame de Paris translates to English as “Our Lady of Paris.”  There are other Notre Dame’s in France, more … Continue reading

Montezuma Depot Scenes

Panorama Photo of the old Train Station in Montezuma Georgia

One of the earliest subjects of my growing love of photography here at home was the old red brick depot in Montezuma. My earliest memories of downtown, the depot was used by the local police department, but there are still plenty of people from here who remember passenger and freight trains stopping here in Montezuma.  This Queen Anne stye depot was built in 1890 to replace an earlier depot on the same site.  There are two rail lines running through town and there were once two depots as well.  The … Continue reading

Connemara Prints

Landscape Panorama Picture taken along Killary Fjord in winter in Ireland

One of the highlights of my time in Galway was taking a bus out to Connemara and spending a couple of nights in this tiny lodge/hostel just above Killary Fjord.  It definitely would have been a nice place to have a car to really wander, but I got in a good bit of walking and did about as much communing with nature as one reasonably could expect in the midst of winter. The picture above is one of two panorama photos I took of Killary Fjord.  When I first arrived … Continue reading

Montezuma Scenes – Small Town Americana

Cherry Street in Montezuma, Georgia - Photo that features Troy's Snack Shack

Since moving my gallery to my site, I felt like I was missing a few recent photos from home.  So I remedied this last night with just a couple of new pictures. This photo is from one of Montezuma’s main streets, Cherry Street.  If there’s a crossroads of our downtown, I feel like this qualifies. Along with the signature vintage buildings, there’s one store that’s been in business for generations, Troy’s Snack Shack. Any given breakfast or lunch, you’d see the street crowded with cars and patrons over-flowing from the … Continue reading