Bon Voyage 2011

Open Road Dreams Travel Blog

As many of you know, I’ve been hard at work revisiting all the work in my print collections. Gallery by gallery, I’ve been re-editing work where I felt necessary (which for me is the fun part) and then deciding what prints to include in my revised gallery and re-writing the descriptions of each and every piece. I’m trying to include more details whether I describe the moment or process behind an image or simply why I personally find it special. That latter part is what has taken me so long, … Continue reading

Award Winning Project

A Drive Down Memory Lane: The Guide to Historic Architecture and Sites in Montezuma

After deciding to leave Atlanta in mid 2009, I returned home to Montezuma, Georgia. While I wasn’t born here, I was young enough when I came here that I don’t remember any other place I’d call home. I had often taken photos here when visiting on the odd weekend, but it was the first chance I’d had since becoming enchanted by photography to really take the time to explore Montezuma with my camera. As it turned out, this time to explore had the unlikely fortune to coincide with a project … Continue reading

A Year of Pictures Later

Painterly Picture of St. Paul's and the Millennium Bridge

It’s been several days now since my 365 project ended. Quite a mixture of feelings seeing it come to a conclusion. First, having been sick a couple of times during this project, there’s a slight bit of relief.  I was actually sick enough at one point that I strongly considered pausing the project for a few days. There were a couple of reasons I didn’t. First, I really wanted it to be a consecutive 365 days, and second, once stopped, I was afraid I’d never get the energy back to … Continue reading

Photography and Reality

Picture of Towan Beach in Newquay Cornwall

One of the interesting questions I often get about my photos, aside from what camera do you use, is if I’ve altered the photo in anyway. I always find the question interesting because I suspect a painter would not get asked that question nearly so much. Painters are practically expected to take artistic license with a scene. In fact, I well recall in college that one of the professors in our art department felt there was no need for photo-realistic painting as you ‘have a camera for that.’ I know in the … Continue reading

Manhattan Skyline

Moon Over Manhattan - NYC Art Print

Little did I know until too late to write this post that yesterday (May 24th) was the anniversary of the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge in 1883. I may have missed the boat, but it put me in mind that I had yet to do a post here on the blog featuring one of my favorite pieces of photo art from the past year! Not only am I very happy with how this picture turned out, I have gotten a lot of nice feedback in response to it! The photo … Continue reading

Camera Gear

Canon EOS 50D Body

One question I am frequently asked is what camera do I use. The first thing I want to say is that I’m neither brand conscious  nor do I believe the secret is in the camera! If you have a camera already and you want to learn to take good pictures, here are some things you might consider. Take a Class! I did, I found a class offered in evenings to get a better handle on the general workings of a camera. You don’t have to have an SLR either, most likely. … Continue reading