See My Prints – Have a Meal!

Wide angle picture of Atlanta's High Museum on Peachtree Street

File this post under should have announced this ages ago, but I guess better late than never right? Earlier this year, a new Jack’s New Yorker Deli opened up in the Atlanta neighborhood of Buckhead. Why would this be of interest to people reading my art blog you may be wondering? Well, that Buckhead location has decorated their restaurant with what I’m sure must be the largest collection of my Atlanta prints on public display! I kept thinking surely at some point I’d get up in that direction and see … Continue reading

The Magic of Finished Projects

Collage of some art and photography by Mark E Tisdale

Wow, I wish I had the words to illustrate the elation of finishing a long-standing project, but right now, I’m failing to come up with anything descriptive enough! It’s not hard to believe it was only last year that I started re-visiting the work in my print collections. First with just an eye for improving the descriptions of each work (both for improving the chances of my work being found on search engines and to make it more interesting to viewers). It soon morphed into re-editing some work, and as … Continue reading