Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Surprise

Picture of Glastonbury Tor - site of the yearly music festival

I have to preface this by saying that in the grand scheme of things I am not a huge sports fan, and I’m not a loyal follower of the Olympic games, but this one was in one of my favorite places on Earth, London. Couple that with seeing a few of my friends post that the opening ceremonies tonight were quite good and I tuned in part way through to see what the buzz was about. And I was absolutely floored! Before even knowing that the artistic director for the … Continue reading

Color – The Eye of the Beholder

Art Print of a Colorful Plaza in Puebla Mexico

I wouldn’t have guessed this would be the topic of my next post. I have several bits of news and topics waiting off in the wings, but I’m very much a believer in posting updates as they become fully formed in my head and this one, like a daughter of Zeus, sprung to life fully formed in my head earlier today. I’m often amazed how much my opinions on a subject may deviate from other people. It’s very possible a great many of you will read this and shake your … Continue reading

The Victims in Aurora, Colorado

Photo Art of a night scene from World Famous New York City

Normally a post like this would be directed to my personal blog, but you’ll see in a moment why I’m posting it here. Friday morning, I awoke to the news like we all did of the shooting at an Aurora movie theater during the midnight showing of the latest Batman film. My heart sank immediately. The word senseless would echo in my brain for quite awhile. It would reverberate more as I heard the man responsible is said to have proclaimed himself The Joker, Batman’s arch nemesis. My geeky side … Continue reading

Family Photo Restored

Photo Restoration Project - Early 1950's Kindergarten - Andalusia Alabama

Just thought I’d share a little personal project on which I recently worked. My late grandmother was one of the world’s original pack-rats, and the good side of this was ending up with a pile of old family photos and correspondence. Sadly when you tack decades onto the average photo, the results are not great, and some are more well-worn than others. Still, it’s quite neat no matter how weathered to see images that stretch back to your great, great, great, great grandmother! And I had to count to be … Continue reading

Serendipity in Photography – Being There Versus Going There

Picture of a church tower in Oaxaca Mexico with birds in flight

This is a topic that’s been rolling around in my head for awhile now, particularly whenever I plan a new trip (and no, nothing planned now). Each time I hatch a journey, I know there’s likely a photographer or artist who lives at my destination, knows the area well, and most importantly is there day by day. If I capture a beautiful moment in the spring, they’ll still be there in the fall long after I’ve left. This is particularly true of any large western city. Travel photography is part … Continue reading