Abstract Photography – What’s in A Name?

Abstract Photography - An Elevator captured in motion and repeating lines

Perhaps abstract photography is too abstract to get much notice online? It’s been a slow but beneficial journey for me, learning how important the words that accompany art are online. Our search engines are smart, but they don’t yet know with any precision what’s in a picture or whether it’s the one you’re looking for just based on your search request. Maybe you’d like to help me describing a piece of abstract photography? Background Over the course of  many months, I started working to improve the descriptions that accompany my … Continue reading

Discontinuing Photo-books For Now

Cover Photos for Coming Home and Egytpian Dreams photo-books

I’m sad to say that I’ve decided for now at least to discontinue the sale of my photo books. If you didn’t know I offered them, shame on me for not doing a better job pushing that information out there! Background I pushed my first photo book, Egyptian Dreams, into the world in September of 2009. Of my travels, there’s no doubt that my trip to Egypt is still a highlight. And I’m still quite proud of that first foray into books. The folks who purchased it were a mixture … Continue reading

Print on Demand Artist Websites Overview

Two Print on Demand Services - Fine Art America & Zenfolio

This overview on Print on Demand services is something of a follow-up to my article last week about making my work available through Fine Art America. The discussion is likely of most interest to other visual artists, but anyone curious to know more about the print on demand experience is welcome! I’m discussing my own experience with each site, and quite honestly for every person I find who has had X experience with one business, someone else has had precisely the opposite experience. Put simply, your mileage may vary. Background … Continue reading

Spreading my Virtual Wings – Guess Where?

Screenshot of my Artist Website courtesy of Fine Art America

Those who follow me on various social networks may be reading this and yawning to themselves thinking “old news,” but it’s a post I’ve kept putting off until I felt there was enough of a presence to justify saying it, but yes, I’ve finally bit the bullet and started uploading my work to Fine Art America in addition to the existing outlets where you can already find it. Those who’ve never read my about prints section may not realize that my existing main gallery is handled by Zenfolio. At the … Continue reading