The Sacred World – New Surreal Art

The Sacred World - Surreal Art by Mark Tisdale

I’m sure there are many old friends out there who would be a bit surprised to see me wander down the woodland path towards fantasy and surreal art. Even though my artwork often has a bit of a fanciful air to it, my images have usually featured concrete places where you could go and admire the view for yourself! Of late though, I’ve started adding in the odd piece of fantasy art or surreal scenes. This piece I call “The Sacred World” is one of the latest entries in that … Continue reading

Custom 2014 Calendars On Request

2014 Calendars by Mark Tisdale

Do you ever have the best of intentions and find time slipping between your fingers? I know I do! And for me, reminding people about calendars always slips through until I suddenly look at the calendar and it’s December already! So, I’m doing good to post about 2014 Calendars in September! Which makes the superstitious pessimist in me cringe a bit! Anyway, I usually post something about this on various social media but it’s normally too late to really count, so without further fanfare, I want to let you know … Continue reading

New eBook Cover Design


A few months ago,  I posted about Charlotte Moore’s Deep South Dead, which used my eBook cover design. I’m happy to report that Ms. Moore felt that first design was successful enough to warrant using my services a second time. And yes, the second eBook in her Hunter Jones series of mystery books is now available! As happy as I am to share that story, I am also writing this to share some other news. As a result of going through the eBook cover design process a few times, I … Continue reading

A Curious Case – Bring Your Creative Spirit

Phone Cases For Your Iphone Avaiilable

I was very excited recently to discover that the folks behind Fine Art America are expanding their product range. And first out of the gate is the addition of phone cases! If you’d like more information about their new direction, you can find the news here. The only phone cases available so far are designed to fit your iPhone, but it has been said that more cases and other products are on the horizon. I’m really excited about the direction that they’ve taken with the new phone cases. As you … Continue reading

Window shopping for mirrorless cameras

Golden Moment On The Boston Waterfront

It’s no secret I’ve been looking at mirrorless cameras for awhile now. When I wrote a post about my current camera gear two years ago, I was already suggesting people who were looking at their first camera take a look at the Micro Four Thirds format. Even though I’ve yet to spring to action, the interest has not abated. I’m not one to rush to action on new camera gear. In fact, in over a decade, I’m only on my second digital SLR and I have had as many point … Continue reading

Lost Morning On The Chattahoochee River

Lazy Morning On The Chattahoochee River

My years dealing with rolls of film were long past by the time the camera bug truly bit me, but it’s still a part of my youth. And misplacing film was practically a way of life for me. Heck, my baby pictures were on a roll of film lost for years thanks to an absent minded uncle! So, I think that shows that lost film and my life are genuinely hand in hand. That’s been the one lost pleasures of digital photography. Sure, flash cards might go bad or hard … Continue reading