UK Print Partner & Other News

Have you ever noticed how sometimes things have a way of working themselves out? In my last update, I mentioned that I was in the process of migrating my main print partner away from the Zenfolio based site that I had used for the past four years. I will post at much more length on that subject in the coming months. I need to write an update to my article on my review of the print on demand sites I use anyway. Nothing is static online and that article although … Continue reading

What It Means to Be an Artist

Winter Night art print of Rome's Castel Sant'Angelo

Why do some photographers not consider themselves artists? This is seriously a question that haunts me some days. If I had a nickle for every time I encountered a photographer in various art forums who wanted to be strictly styled as a photographer rather than an artist… Well, I wouldn’t be wealthy, but I certainly could afford a nice trip somewhere! Considering how long photography has fought for a place at the artistic table, I’m often amazed when I discover photographers who consider what they do outside of the arena … Continue reading

The Price Of Art Merchandise

Paris In The Rain Art Throw Pillow

This is a subject for both the art-lovers and the art-makers out there. It’s a topic which I’d say I ruminate on at least annually, and that’s whether or not to offer art merchandise in addition to prints. Once upon a time, I was more active on Zazzle. I offered my work there as prints and on a variety of their art merchandise, but somewhere along the way I mostly abandoned Zazzle. I added the odd product, but I concentrated far more on marketing my art as prints for home … Continue reading

The Sacred World – New Surreal Art

The Sacred World - Surreal Art by Mark Tisdale

I’m sure there are many old friends out there who would be a bit surprised to see me wander down the woodland path towards fantasy and surreal art. Even though my artwork often has a bit of a fanciful air to it, my images have usually featured concrete places where you could go and admire the view for yourself! Of late though, I’ve started adding in the odd piece of fantasy art or surreal scenes. This piece I call “The Sacred World” is one of the latest entries in that … Continue reading

Custom 2014 Calendars On Request

2014 Calendars by Mark Tisdale

Do you ever have the best of intentions and find time slipping between your fingers? I know I do! And for me, reminding people about calendars always slips through until I suddenly look at the calendar and it’s December already! So, I’m doing good to post about 2014 Calendars in September! Which makes the superstitious pessimist in me cringe a bit! Anyway, I usually post something about this on various social media but it’s normally too late to really count, so without further fanfare, I want to let you know … Continue reading

New eBook Cover Design


A few months ago,  I posted about Charlotte Moore’s Deep South Dead, which used my eBook cover design. I’m happy to report that Ms. Moore felt that first design was successful enough to warrant using my services a second time. And yes, the second eBook in her Hunter Jones series of mystery books is now available! As happy as I am to share that story, I am also writing this to share some other news. As a result of going through the eBook cover design process a few times, I … Continue reading