What It Means to Be an Artist

Winter Night art print of Rome's Castel Sant'Angelo

Why do some photographers not consider themselves artists? This is seriously a question that haunts me some days. If I had a nickle for every time I encountered a photographer in various art forums who wanted to be strictly styled as a photographer rather than an artist… Well, I wouldn’t be wealthy, but I certainly could afford a nice trip somewhere! Considering how long photography has fought for a place at the artistic table, I’m often amazed when I discover photographers who consider what they do outside of the arena … Continue reading

Scenes from Rome

Stormy Skies Over A Roman Piazza artwork by Mark Tisdale

As I’ve continued my trek through the photo archives (bless the down time), I’ve posted some more pictures from Rome.  If you want to see them all, check out my Italy Photo Prints. Some Highlights: Before I went to Rome, it seemed like I had seen a dozen documentaries on ancient Rome that included information on the Pantheon, the ancient temple to all the Roman gods (pictured above).  This is actually the second Pantheon, built in AD 126.  It’s amazing to stand before a building built nearly 2 millennia ago, … Continue reading