Getting Seen – Selling Art Online

Festive Streets of Old Quebec Photo Art

I’ve had this topic bouncing around in the back of my mind for well over a month now, and the topic of visibility in selling art online is a huge one. It’s also not a subject in which I’m remotely claiming expertise, but what I have gleaned over the past years might help other visual artists interested in selling art online and sharing that kind of information can only help us all. Most of my tips for selling art online will be fairly general but some will be with an … Continue reading

Print on Demand Artist Websites Overview

Two Print on Demand Services - Fine Art America & Zenfolio

This overview on Print on Demand services is something of a follow-up to my article last week about making my work available through Fine Art America. The discussion is likely of most interest to other visual artists, but anyone curious to know more about the print on demand experience is welcome! I’m discussing my own experience with each site, and quite honestly for every person I find who has had X experience with one business, someone else has had precisely the opposite experience. Put simply, your mileage may vary. Background … Continue reading

Serendipity in Photography – Being There Versus Going There

Picture of a church tower in Oaxaca Mexico with birds in flight

This is a topic that’s been rolling around in my head for awhile now, particularly whenever I plan a new trip (and no, nothing planned now). Each time I hatch a journey, I know there’s likely a photographer or artist who lives at my destination, knows the area well, and most importantly is there day by day. If I capture a beautiful moment in the spring, they’ll still be there in the fall long after I’ve left. This is particularly true of any large western city. Travel photography is part … Continue reading

Camera Gear

Canon EOS 50D Body

One question I am frequently asked is what camera do I use. The first thing I want to say is that I’m neither brandĀ consciousĀ  nor do I believe the secret is in the camera! If you have a camera already and you want to learn to take good pictures, here are some things you might consider. Take a Class! I did, I found a class offered in evenings to get a better handle on the general workings of a camera. You don’t have to have an SLR either, most likely. … Continue reading

Creating Photo Art

Photo Crop from the larger image

Although “plain” photography is my first love, I have also been branching out into photo art the past year or so. I am forever amazed at what a difference layering on different textures can make between a photo’s start and end. This is my most recent piece of photo art. Quite honestly, the beginning photo was really just intended to be a personal photo. It was my first night in Paris, and by the time I got settled in to explore it was well past dusk and into inky night. … Continue reading