The Victims in Aurora, Colorado

Photo Art of a night scene from World Famous New York City

Normally a post like this would be directed to my personal blog, but you’ll see in a moment why I’m posting it here. Friday morning, I awoke to the news like we all did of the shooting at an Aurora movie theater during the midnight showing of the latest Batman film. My heart sank immediately. The word senseless would echo in my brain for quite awhile. It would reverberate more as I heard the man responsible is said to have proclaimed himself The Joker, Batman’s arch nemesis. My geeky side … Continue reading

Manhattan Skyline

Moon Over Manhattan - NYC Art Print

Little did I know until too late to write this post that yesterday (May 24th) was the anniversary of the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge in 1883. I may have missed the boat, but it put me in mind that I had yet to do a post here on the blog featuring one of my favorite pieces of photo art from the past year! Not only am I very happy with how this picture turned out, I have gotten a lot of nice feedback in response to it! The photo … Continue reading

Brooklyn on the East River

Brooklyn Picture from New York City of Historic DUMBO Warehouses converted to lofts

I only tiptoed into the fringe of Brooklyn on this trip but hope to see more of New York City’s five boroughs one day. These shots are from the edge of the East River which affords a nice view of Manhattan. This particular photo was actually taken from the Brooklyn Bridge.  It represents formerly commercial buildings that are being renovated into lofts at Brooklyn Park, a new waterfront park. The building were warehouses in the 1920’s, so they have a fairly long history on the East River. I really love the … Continue reading

Around New York City

Picture that really captures the feel of New York City

When I was in New York, I took several bus tours in an effort to get my bearings and see the main sights. Probably given the short time I had, it was too many bus tours but I got the buffet! Anyway, one of my favorite comments of the trip came on a bus. The tour guide was already a bit… different…  but then traffic or construction or something unexpected caused a street to be closed and suddenly our bus was hurtling down a nondescript street that she had nothing … Continue reading

New York Nights

Graphic Novel Styled Picture of New York City at Night

New York has a well earned reputation for the city that never sleeps and the night lights are a must see for anyone visiting. Aside from just walking and enjoying (recommended), there are also open top bus tours of the night lights that are great fun. This is perhaps my favorite photo from the open top bus, and every time I look at this New York Nights scene, I anticipate finding a caped crusader on the jagged outline of the buildings in the right portion of the photo. This picture … Continue reading

Brooklyn Bridge For Sale – Art Prints

East River Photo of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan

Certainly one of New York City’s most famous bridges is the Brooklyn Bridge which connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. It’s the oldest suspension bridge in the US and met with some misfortune for the builders in the 13 years it took to complete. The bridge was massively over-built which is why it has survived so long compared to bridges of the same vintage (1880’s) have long since vanished. This is a picture of that iconic bridge from the water. Where ferries once crossed the East River to Brooklyn, this mammoth … Continue reading