Brief Introduction to Mark E Tisdale’s Art & Photography

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About me:

    • Rocketed from the planet Kry…
    • On a Five year mission to explore strange new worlds..
    • The only survivor of an ancient race known as the Time Lords….
    • Very boring compared to all those things…

Okay, let’s be serious, the main thing to know about me is the images you see above are a sample of my passion. I adore art & photography and my portfolio and interests vary from iconic scenery from my travels to big cities and to lonesome dirt roads. If a moment can be captured through my lens, I’ll do my best to make my picture of it a moment to remember.

If there’s a place in your heart for art, I hope you’ll consider joining me in my journey capturing the beauty of our world. You’ll see a few options below to share in the adventure. Pick your favorite flavor(s), but please do stay in touch for special offers and to see the latest work and news from your friendly neighborhood geek with a camera!

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