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E-mail may seem a little 1990’s to some, but unlike social media, being part of my mailing list doesn’t require you to be logged on in a relatively small window after I share something new!

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All mailing list readers will get to stay in the loop, receiving emails when I share art and photography spotlights or art news. Considering I am a visual artist, it should be no surprise that is the great bulk of the content I’ll share with you. However, if you look at the bottom of the mailing list sign up form below, you’ll see that you can choose to receive additional updates in a few topical areas.  You are free to choose as many of these supplemental mailing list topics as you wish.

These additional areas fall into three broad categories.

  1. Site News – Occasional notices when I’ve made significant changes to my main site or the print on demand sites where I offer my work.
  2. Tips and Tutorials – A behind the scenes look at the artistic process, equipment or software I use, and articles concerning the adventure of selling art. This category is probably mainly of interest to other visual artists, but anyone who enjoys peeking behind the curtains is more than welcome.
  3. Time Sensitive Special Offers – Anyone who has followed me for awhile knows that I’m not a believer in massive discounts like the big box stores offer. They are operating on a scale that artists and artisans rarely enjoy. That said, when it’s possible to pass on savings to you, I’ll let you know if you choose to receive these occasional updates.

Whatever choices you make about what I share with you, I hope the art and other content I’m sharing with my mailing list is an enjoyable part of your day! And periodically, I’ll do my best to throw out a little surprise or perk to thank you for sharing this journey with me.

So, please fill in the form below. Only your email address is required, but the rest helps me personalize your news. Shortly after submitting the form, you should receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your request to join my art mailing list. If you have any trouble subscribing or any questions ever, please contact me!

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