Naked Wine Madness + What I did For My Summer Vacation

July Art Promotion - image courtesy of Fine Art America

Do you like wine? Perhaps you’ve been considering an art purchase from my gallery? This is your chance to gaze at some new art while enjoying a glass of wine! I just got word that for the whole month of July, if you make a purchase, Fine Art America will send you a $100 certificate good for your first purchase from Right after you make your purchase, Fine Art America will send you first a confirmation email for your order and then a second email with the certificate code.  … Continue reading

Special Promotions And A Note About Prices

Easter Themed Canvas Print Sale

I have been busy the past month or so but first off, I wanted to bring my Easter Themed special promotions to your attention. You all know I don’t often do promotions like this but a gentle nudge from a friend reminded me that Easter was on the horizon, so I decided to offer some artwork that fits that theme. You’ll find these three canvas prints at the links below: Praying At The Altar In Puebla Cathedral Magical Bell Tower in Mexico Papal Cross On A Frosty Day in Dublin … Continue reading

The Price Of Art Merchandise

Paris In The Rain Art Throw Pillow

This is a subject for both the art-lovers and the art-makers out there. It’s a topic which I’d say I ruminate on at least annually, and that’s whether or not to offer art merchandise in addition to prints. Once upon a time, I was more active on Zazzle. I offered my work there as prints and on a variety of their art merchandise, but somewhere along the way I mostly abandoned Zazzle. I added the odd product, but I concentrated far more on marketing my art as prints for home … Continue reading

A Curious Case – Bring Your Creative Spirit

Phone Cases For Your Iphone Avaiilable

I was very excited recently to discover that the folks behind Fine Art America are expanding their product range. And first out of the gate is the addition of phone cases! If you’d like more information about their new direction, you can find the news here. The only phone cases available so far are designed to fit your iPhone, but it has been said that more cases and other products are on the horizon. I’m really excited about the direction that they’ve taken with the new phone cases. As you … Continue reading

Spring Has Sprung Updates

London Palace of Westminster After Dark

I’ve done an incredibly bad job of delivering updates this year. There, I said it before anyone else had a chance. It’s one of those classic stories of having the best of intentions. Every so often I would think, gosh, I should tell everyone about insert cool news here. On the bad side, there’s probably plenty of really cool stuff I’ll forget to tell, but that likely means a shorter update! See, I knew there was a positive spin in there somewhere. You all know how long-winded I can be. … Continue reading

Getting Seen – Selling Art Online

Festive Streets of Old Quebec Photo Art

I’ve had this topic bouncing around in the back of my mind for well over a month now, and the topic of visibility in selling art online is a huge one. It’s also not a subject in which I’m remotely claiming expertise, but what I have gleaned over the past years might help other visual artists interested in selling art online and sharing that kind of information can only help us all. Most of my tips for selling art online will be fairly general but some will be with an … Continue reading