Abstract Photography – What’s in A Name?

Abstract Photography - An Elevator captured in motion and repeating lines

Perhaps abstract photography is too abstract to get much notice online? It’s been a slow but beneficial journey for me, learning how important the words that accompany art are online. Our search engines are smart, but they don’t yet know with any precision what’s in a picture or whether it’s the one you’re looking for just based on your search request. Maybe you’d like to help me describing a piece of abstract photography? Background Over the course of  many months, I started working to improve the descriptions that accompany my … Continue reading

Spreading my Virtual Wings – Guess Where?

Screenshot of my Artist Website courtesy of Fine Art America

Those who follow me on various social networks may be reading this and yawning to themselves thinking “old news,” but it’s a post I’ve kept putting off until I felt there was enough of a presence to justify saying it, but yes, I’ve finally bit the bullet and started uploading my work to Fine Art America in addition to the existing outlets where you can already find it. Those who’ve never read my about prints section may not realize that my existing main gallery is handled by Zenfolio. At the … Continue reading

See My Prints – Have a Meal!

Wide angle picture of Atlanta's High Museum on Peachtree Street

File this post under should have announced this ages ago, but I guess better late than never right? Earlier this year, a new Jack’s New Yorker Deli opened up in the Atlanta neighborhood of Buckhead. Why would this be of interest to people reading my art blog you may be wondering? Well, that Buckhead location has decorated their restaurant with what I’m sure must be the largest collection of my Atlanta prints on public display! I kept thinking surely at some point I’d get up in that direction and see … Continue reading

Atlanta Architecture – Icons of The City

Dusk Photo of the King and Queen Towers near Georgia 400 and I-285 in Atlanta Georgia

This is the second spotlight in my series of photographs of Atlanta Icons, while the first focused on Restaurants, this one will is all the rest of the Atlanta area scenery that I captured in pictures while working on this body of work. In particular, this spotlight looks at Atlanta Architecture. In my opinion, this picture shows a couple of the most recognizable buildings in Atlanta, familiar to any commuter on the north side of the City. These towers, officially Concourse Corporate Center V and VI, are known to the locals … Continue reading

Atlanta Icons – Let’s Eat

Photo of Atlanta's Varsity Sign at Dusk

Once upon a time, I started a series of photographs of what I thought were Atlanta’s iconic places. I was inspired because I had been traveling and kept coming back with what I though (hoped) were pictures of icons of the cities I visited. And until the recent idea of staycations, it wasn’t so common that people took the time to visit the things in their own backyards. My energy for the series eventually waned and unless I move back to Atlanta one day, it may be done, but I’m … Continue reading

King Cotton – Byromville Georgia Cotton Warehouse Art Print

Byromville Georgia Photo - Rural Americana - Old Cotton Warehouse

This photo was taken in nearby Byromville, Georgia.  This small town was founded in the 1850’s but not incorporated until 1905.  This community today numbers less than 500 people. There’s still a sense of community there, but like much of the other Georgia (outside the sphere of Atlanta), there’s a feeling that for the moment anyway, the boom times are past. Once upon a time, the red brick building pictured was a cotton warehouse bordering the tracks of the Atlanta and Birmingham Railway. This warehouse was completed two years before … Continue reading