Discontinuing Photo-books For Now

Cover Photos for Coming Home and Egytpian Dreams photo-books

I’m sad to say that I’ve decided for now at least to discontinue the sale of my photo books. If you didn’t know I offered them, shame on me for not doing a better job pushing that information out there! Background I pushed my first photo book, Egyptian Dreams, into the world in September of 2009. Of my travels, there’s no doubt that my trip to Egypt is still a highlight. And I’m still quite proud of that first foray into books. The folks who purchased it were a mixture … Continue reading

Red Sea Camp

Egypt Beach Photo - The Red Sea

An amazing part of our trip was two days relaxing on the Red Sea at the Sawa Camp near Nuweiba. We literally stayed in straw huts a few steps from the waters.  Here you can see an early morning shot of the beach and huts with a mountain range as a backdrop.  After over a week of being on the move, this was a great place to just relax.  Some in the group went scuba diving and their was a wealth of options like that, but this was my chill … Continue reading

Saint Catherine’s Monastery

Picture of the Walls of Saint Katherine's Monastery at the base of Mount Sinai in Egypt

There was one part of the journey that I felt I only walked away with one shot I really liked.  I’ll explain that in a minute, but first, that one shot. This photo was taken outside the walls of Saint Catherine’s Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage SIte on the Sinai Peninsula.  Inside the walls is a bush revered to be the original burning bush from biblical history.  It’s also the site of the oldest working Christian monastery in the world, founded  in the 6th century by Helena, mother of Constantine … Continue reading

Karnak Temple Prints

Picture of one of the massive Columns in the ruins of Karnak Temple near Luxor

Karnak Temple was the last of the ancient temple ruins we visited on our tour of Egypt.  It was definitely the largest complex we visited, although I’d be torn to pick a best.  We were told that the Nile had flooded these temples and knocked down most of the columns and walls.  What we see today is the result of close to a 100 years of restoration (and correct me if I’m wrong, principally French assisted).  But righting these columns and walls has also given a lot of insight into … Continue reading

Luxor Temple Ruins

Beautiful golden hued photo of the ruins of Luxor Temple in Egypt

Our first afternoon in Luxor, we wandered along the Corniche – the riverside walkway along the Nile (apparently used in Egypt but borrowed from the French).  Our guide was pointing out things we could do, amongst which was the temple ruins at Luxor.  We managed to come by just as the late afternoon sun was casting a warm glow over them.  They look quite atmospheric, but they are not amongst the best ruins to visit.  We were told we’d pretty much seen what there was to see but could visit.  … Continue reading

Balloons Over Luxor

Luxor Egypt - Phoot of Hot Air Balloons in flight

I often think back to my experience of flying in a hot air balloon over Egypt’s famous Valley of the Kings. Even though there have been balloon crashes since my trip, I don’t regret taking my flight at all. It was, in fact, my favorite part of my trip to Egypt. There were so many incredible moments, but discovering hot air ballooning was the top of the list. These pictures, I hope, illustrate what an incredible experience it was. Several in the group I traveled with had been in hot air balloons … Continue reading