Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Surprise

Picture of Glastonbury Tor - site of the yearly music festival

I have to preface this by saying that in the grand scheme of things I am not a huge sports fan, and I’m not a loyal follower of the Olympic games, but this one was in one of my favorite places on Earth, London. Couple that with seeing a few of my friends post that the opening ceremonies tonight were quite good and I tuned in part way through to see what the buzz was about. And I was absolutely floored! Before even knowing that the artistic director for the … Continue reading

British Whimsy Lives

Artsy Picture of a Red British Telephone Booh from London, England

It’s no secret that London is one of my favorite cities, and all the buzz about the Olympics this summer and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee has certainly made me nostalgic. I can’t believe I haven’t been to London since 2008! I would love to rectify that situation but the opportunity and funds haven’t shown themselves, so for now my return trip there is just a dream. Keeping in mind how long it’s been since I’ve been to London and the utterly obvious fact I don’t live there, it’s not the … Continue reading

London Tate Modern

London Picture - the Old Bankside Power Station now the Tate Modern

It took four visits to London to finally make a call on London’s Tate Modern.  In my defense, I had visited the British Museum (twice), The National Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery, and the Victoria And Albert Museum.  I think I may be missing a couple in that list.  The point is that London overflows with opportunity to take in the arts and the history of said human activity.  I am less so a fan of modern art than what we would term traditional art, so it was not surprising … Continue reading

Cambridge University

Photo of King's College from the River cam

The University of Cambridge (informally Cambridge University) is the second oldest university in the English speaking world.  It was established  in 1209 and consists of 31 colleges dotted around the landscape of modern Cambridge. The Backs is the view of the colleges from the River Cam.  The chapel on the right in the photo above is quintessential Cambridge.  This Chapel is both the symbol of Kings and the logo of the city council of Cambridge.  Although locally the college is simply referred to as  Kings, this is King’s College of … Continue reading

Around Cambridge

Photo taken while punting on the river Cam - Cambridge England

The city of Cambridge is well known as the home of the University of Cambridge.  The heritage of the area is ancient, having been the site of habitation since well into pre-history.  It was occupied in Roman times as Duroliponte.  In Saxon times, it was Grantebrycge.  The name of the place continued to mutate through the ages, becoming Grentabrige or Cantebrigge with the river at the heart of it becoming known as the Granta.  Eventually, the name became Cambridge, and just the part of the River in Cambridge became the … Continue reading

City of St Albans

Artisitc Picture of the Medieval Clock Tower in St. Alban's England

St Albans has a long history connected to London.  It was once a day’s ride from London, so became a major stop for the coach trade.  Today at  about a half hour by train, it’s become a charming bedroom community.  But the history here is longer still, being the site of an ancient Roman town and the first Christian martyr from Britain. St Albans is home to the only remaining 15th century clock towers in England.  This tower, pictured above, was apparently something of a snub to the nearby monastery … Continue reading