Discontinuing Photo-books For Now

Cover Photos for Coming Home and Egytpian Dreams photo-books

I’m sad to say that I’ve decided for now at least to discontinue the sale of my photo books. If you didn’t know I offered them, shame on me for not doing a better job pushing that information out there! Background I pushed my first photo book, Egyptian Dreams, into the world in September of 2009. Of my travels, there’s no doubt that my trip to Egypt is still a highlight. And I’m still quite proud of that first foray into books. The folks who purchased it were a mixture … Continue reading

Award Winning Project

A Drive Down Memory Lane: The Guide to Historic Architecture and Sites in Montezuma

After deciding to leave Atlanta in mid 2009, I returned home to Montezuma, Georgia. While I wasn’t born here, I was young enough when I came here that I don’t remember any other place I’d call home. I had often taken photos here when visiting on the odd weekend, but it was the first chance I’d had since becoming enchanted by photography to really take the time to explore Montezuma with my camera. As it turned out, this time to explore had the unlikely fortune to coincide with a project … Continue reading

Montezuma Depot Scenes

Panorama Photo of the old Train Station in Montezuma Georgia

One of the earliest subjects of my growing love of photography here at home was the old red brick depot in Montezuma. My earliest memories of downtown, the depot was used by the local police department, but there are still plenty of people from here who remember passenger and freight trains stopping here in Montezuma.  This Queen Anne stye depot was built in 1890 to replace an earlier depot on the same site.  There are two rail lines running through town and there were once two depots as well.  The … Continue reading

Montezuma Scenes – Small Town Americana

Cherry Street in Montezuma, Georgia - Photo that features Troy's Snack Shack

Since moving my gallery to my site, I felt like I was missing a few recent photos from home.  So I remedied this last night with just a couple of new pictures. This photo is from one of Montezuma’s main streets, Cherry Street.  If there’s a crossroads of our downtown, I feel like this qualifies. Along with the signature vintage buildings, there’s one store that’s been in business for generations, Troy’s Snack Shack. Any given breakfast or lunch, you’d see the street crowded with cars and patrons over-flowing from the … Continue reading

Coming Home – Montezuma, Georgia

Photo Book Cover - Coming Home, Montezuma, Georgia

I’m really pleased to announce a new book featuring my photography! I think this description (which is part of the introduction), explains it best: This collection of photos has grown over the past few years as my interest in photography grew. Originally, it was just an opportunity to exercise the camera but being home again after a decade in metro Atlanta, my walks around town told a story of loss and change. Old homes that had become derelict were removed and I began to recollect in my own life how … Continue reading

Awards and Fun, Oh My!

Picture of an old rust red tractor in a field in Autumn in Middle Georgia's rural Macon County

This weekend was the 13th annual Beaver Creek Festival in Montezuma, Georgia. I decided this year to both get a booth as well as enter some photography in the art show held in conjunction with it. The photos in the event had to be of local scenes, which was not a problem for me. The good news is that BOTH of my entries placed in the show! That’s a real honor in a home town show. Best In Show and Third Place – Advanced Beginner Category We also had a … Continue reading