Color – The Eye of the Beholder

Art Print of a Colorful Plaza in Puebla Mexico

I wouldn’t have guessed this would be the topic of my next post. I have several bits of news and topics waiting off in the wings, but I’m very much a believer in posting updates as they become fully formed in my head and this one, like a daughter of Zeus, sprung to life fully formed in my head earlier today. I’m often amazed how much my opinions on a subject may deviate from other people. It’s very possible a great many of you will read this and shake your … Continue reading

Serendipity in Photography – Being There Versus Going There

Picture of a church tower in Oaxaca Mexico with birds in flight

This is a topic that’s been rolling around in my head for awhile now, particularly whenever I plan a new trip (and no, nothing planned now). Each time I hatch a journey, I know there’s likely a photographer or artist who lives at my destination, knows the area well, and most importantly is there day by day. If I capture a beautiful moment in the spring, they’ll still be there in the fall long after I’ve left. This is particularly true of any large western city. Travel photography is part … Continue reading

Bon Voyage 2011

Open Road Dreams Travel Blog

As many of you know, I’ve been hard at work revisiting all the work in my print collections. Gallery by gallery, I’ve been re-editing work where I felt necessary (which for me is the fun part) and then deciding what prints to include in my revised gallery and re-writing the descriptions of each and every piece. I’m trying to include more details whether I describe the moment or process behind an image or simply why I personally find it special. That latter part is what has taken me so long, … Continue reading

Five Nights in Paris – Part Two

Panorama Photo of Paris' famous Notre Dame Cathedral

Continuing from my previous post of featured photos in Paris, after an early morning at Sacre Coeur, I made my way to Notre Dame de Paris. Although as you can see there were a lot of long shadows, there was equally awesome light for my visit to Notre dame.  The cathedral is a genuine medieval relic and is a UNESCO world heritage site!  And I’m just a sucker for large old cathedrals.  There’s something special about these buildings, much like the ancient stone circles. They are community projects from a … Continue reading

Everyday Egypt – Prints

Dusk sky pictue of a village on Elephantine Island near Aswan in Egypt

While ancient monuments and temples are a treasure and grand to see, they are not what defines a place  That would be the people.  And while I don’t specialize so much in portraits thus far, I still made some attempts at catching the people and the places that made up the experience of visiting. This photo was taken on Elephantine Island – site of a Nubian village which was relocated with the rising waters of Lake Nasser after the construction of the dam.  As all over Egypt, there is a … Continue reading

Felucca Prints

Sailing on the Nile - picture of a Felucca on the Nile

Traditional sailboats that have plied the Nile for ages still use this ancient highway today.  These wooden boats with lateen sails are mostly pleasure craft these days but in the past would have been one of the main ways of moving goods and people. In this photo, the strong contrast accentuates the darkness of the waters and the reflection of the boat.  The sails also pop against the dark blue skies.  This sailboat is likely only out for a quick look at the sights near Aswan.  Most of the Felucca … Continue reading